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Your Customer Experience Delivery Engine

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

With NEC’s NETWORK CONNECT you take full control of the customer experience, removing any roadblocks towards serving your customers and maintaining brand reputation.

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Over 120 years of telecom experience

Operational presence in 140+ countries

One of the world’s Top 10 patent producers

$1 billion annually dedicated towards R&D

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Our Toll-Free Protection & Spam Blocking Solution

Route your calls through the most direct, cost-efficient, and highest quality service available to ensure quality experiences.

Innovative Connections

With open access to our provider-neutral network of 375+ carriers, AI and M2M algorithms, and our reliable failover protection you gain unmatched telecom network security. In addition, by partnering with NEC you’re establishing a relationship with a firm that’s digitally reimagining how customer interactions are supported and experienced.

Simple, Cost-Effective Call Routing

Eliminate fees, upcharges and fixed contracts by instantly matching calls with the most cost-efficient and reliable connection available.

Preserve Brand Integrity

Aside from providing control over your entire telecom environment down to the individual call, NETWORK CONNECT constantly monitors for suspicious blocking and flagging to ensure your contact center or 800 number is not tagged as spam.

Why NEC?

NEC has an established legacy of recognizing and transforming opportunities into proven strategies. Across the globe we’re transforming how companies operate, communicate, collaborate and compete. NETWORK CONNECT reflects the latest in a long line of valuable innovations we’ve developed to help organizations sustain long-term success.

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