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Modern solutions for the modern workplace

Increase collaboration and fuel future growth by knowing your locations are secure, regulating access and understanding how they are perceived.

With NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE you’ll remain a few moves ahead of the workplace transformation curve, allowing you to adapt to your changing needs more proactively.

Over 120 years of safeguarding experience

One of the world’s Top 10 patent producers

Massive R&D investment & prioritization

Committed to social change

How can improved workspace management drive profitability?

Cloud-based workspace management requires less initial investment while offering all the same security with less ongoing expense and greater insight into your locations.

Interactive Space Management

Imagine the benefits available from simulating various work experiences within a virtual environment, then using that knowledge to drive tangible change that adds more security while improving workplace experiences.

Intelligent Location Access

Enjoy automated ID management with on-the-spot badge creation to ensure safe locations that also include improve crowd flow and reduce wait times.

Expanded & Enhanced Visibility

Monitor multiple locations 24/7 via a consolidated security dashboard with recordings and notifications available in a variety of applications to suit your needs.


Sean McCormack

Inside Sales Manager - Univerge Blue

NEC Corporation of America


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